Completed mini cleaver.

Mark Barone

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1090 Steel, Desert Ironwood Handle. 4.5 inches overall
Small tools, small knife. This is my 3rd completed knife. Disclaimer, i ruined 3 bars of steel to get here. I am happy with it and learning a process I am comfortable with. The flats are 400 grit ground on a 1x30. The bevel is 220 horizontal handfinish. For some reason when I tried to go higher grit on my 1x30, funny things were happening. Maybe the platen isn't completely flat on the 40 dollar machine. So until I upgrade I may have stay with this finish. My wife has a Taurus ring saw typically used to cut stained glass. I used that to cut the jimping. She also has a glass kiln that allows me to heat treat the knife. I used a dremel to help with getting the small curves clean. I might stick with these small neck knifes for now until I improve my skills and get more appropriate equipment. I may not say it in every post I write, but I appreciate this forum and especially the people on it. Oh and the blade isn't sharpened yet. I need to get one of those systems. I like photography also. I saw a shop that used a little block of wood to help display there knifes. I cut a little piece off a whisky stave prop it up. IMG_2956.jpgIMG_2957.jpgIMG_2959.jpg
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Kevin Zito

Hey man.... that looks great! Cool design and the finish is really nice. Keep going. Do everything you can to completely finish every one you start. I have some fairly decent finger nail cleaners that started out as 34 inch katanas lol. This mini cleaver came out nice. Good job!

Mark Barone

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Thanks . I was having trouble getting a consistent plunge line on my blades. I actually put a tiny choil on the blade before I started the bevel. It gave me a reference as I replunged. It might be a bad habit but it worked for me. Then I made the choil bigger at the end.


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My lad will love this little beauty, will have a go at one soon, I hope

Thanks for showing

I have had a go at copying this ace example but am unsure about how to heat treat it, help please/

Can I just propane torch harden and temper the cutting part of the 1080+ blade?