Comparing water filters: Katadyn BeFree vs Sawyer Mini


He guys, I bought the Sawyer Squeeze water filter 5 years ago and then I bought the Sawyer Mini a couple of years ago and most recently got the Katadyn BeFree with my REI dividend. Believe it or not, they're all really different.


1) both lightweight
2) both are simple to use
3) .1 micron filter
4) Excellent choices for day hikes, trail running, mountain biking

1) BeFree's flow rate is a lot faster. 2 liters per minute
2) Mini can filter 100,000 gallons vs BeFree's 264
3) Clean up is easier with BeFree just rinse it out, Mini can backflush
4) BeFree has a larger mouth (43mm) so filling it up is easier but is hard to find bag attachments. Hydropak makes a large one. Mini's mouth is smaller (28mm) but you can find lots of bottle attachments.
5) Mini comes with a straw, so in case you lose the bag or it gets damaged you can drink from the stream directly
6) Befree's filter fits inside the water reservoir, so you can pack it intact vs the Mini.

Just in case you want to see a video review: