Comments/Suggestions on Blade Design


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I've been sketching up a few blade designs and I've picked this one for my next build but I wanted to post it here for feedback, critique etc.
OAL is 8.5 inches. I'm thinking of using 80CRV2 for this one.
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It's a different blade style...but I like it. By different I mean than what you typically tend toward...your style. This'll be good.

Austin Thrasher

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I like it! If I were to make this blade myself however, I think I would probably make the top of the handle straight, without the matching symmetrical curve the bottom has. Seems like it would index in the hand better that way IMHO.

Justin Presson

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To me it looks like a dagger handle on a hunter blade. Not that it's bad or anything just the first thought I had. I would round off the top of the butt of the knife but that's just me.

Kevin Zito

Thanks Kevin.
No guard (bolster) on this one. The way I’m planning on shaping the handle I don’t think it will need one.
I wasn't sure as it looks like you planned on drilling two holes in the front of the handle. I don't think it will need a guard either. We need some update pics!!!!!