Coming out from the internet's shadows....

Hello all. Been sitting back & enjoying for sometime now. For the most part I have been comfortable just listening / watching with little need to express myself. Now I've got a reason or two to get involved.

First the introduction... Let's see... short version.

Before & above anything I'm a follower of Jesus. I also happen to be a preacher, but that comes in way down the list of priorities.
I have been happily married for 22 years now and am the father of 8 kids... 5 boys, 3 girls ranging from 19 down to the 2 year old in pigtails.

I have a tendency to be interested in most everything, but specifically I enjoy...
> IH Scout's - current baby is a 1980 Terra
> Hunting - esp. Pheasants in Dakota, behind my hunting dog on Great-grandpa's farm
> Wrestling & Coaching - now I have the best position possible, volunteer assistant coach for the High School Wrestling team... My 2nd oldest son is on the team, giving me a connection spot with him as well as a way to get involved in my community
> Creating w/ my hands (when time allows) - I'm really more of a wood worker than a metal guy... came away from WA with a stack & 1/2 of exotic hardwoods.

I've always been interested in knives...
Still have my first 1; a 2 blade black handled Case Peanut
Mostly my tastes run to American made steel & 3 blade old fashion pocket knives, then to traditional hunting knives
I wouldn't call myself a serious collector, but I do pick up a few; mostly Buck, Case, Gerber

At our last church, in WA, I had the opportunity to start learning to make knives. Always kind of dreamed about it, but the mystery of metal was just WAY over my head. Then in WA I met a guy, Vince Evans who was willing to start the training process. Vince & Grace are salt of the Earth. Vince worked with me for a couple of years & when he moved back to Hawaii another great neighbor, Dan Westlind took over the teaching process.

Now we are back in the heartland, living in MN. I haven't had the time to get my shop set up yet... almost finished with the work bench in the parsonage garage though! Then I'll get my bench grinder set up & away we go!

The reason for getting on the forum now? Well the full explanation will come in the sheath area... but the short answer is I have some special questions... I just picked up a knife & I want to make a sheath for it & well... meet you down below!

God Bless, Matt s
Welcome to the forum, Matt. I share many of the same interests that you shared above including serving the Lord, wrestling, hunting and woodworking. It's nice to have you here with us.
Thanks Brandant... out of curiosity, what part of S. Utah are you from? My oldest & I had an opportunity last year to road trip down thru Utah & hit ... well most of the hot spots; Bryce, Zion (to crowded for me) Grand Escalante, Grand Canyon (NW area), Canyonlands, Moab (during the Jeepers!, talk about an expensive Motel 6!) and the Arches. We had never been down in that country before & I fell in love with it. Can't wait to get another chance to bounce around in your back woods.

God Bless, Matt s
I live in a little place called Cedar City. It's about and hour and a half west of Bryce and about an hour north of Zion. Depending on the way you traveled to the parks, you may have passed right through my town. Utah is a beautiful place to visit, but it's even a better place to live.
Testing adding a photo... From Utah