Collaboration: Hammer Forged High Carbon Hunter

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Heres one that we all did a little work on. Its forged 1095, Hammered to shape by Randy Jr. Ground and Heat Treated by Clay. handles selected and attached and shaped bu Clay and myself.

Its a sweet little hunter with a very unique shape.

The only way to describe this knife is that its Sexy!

Handles are a combination of Hiden pinned bolsters made from some amazing cedar burl. And topped off with Ironwood, and brass pins. Its just one of them knives that once you pick it up and cut something.. You wont want to put it down! lolol

Enough talking, here are some pics! Enjoy..

Comments and critiques welcomed.

God Bless and Thanks for looking at out work!



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I couldnt take this thing out of my hand. I drove home carrying it-- Was the second thing I picked up this morning after thanking the Lord. (coffee first LOL)
Ill be carrying it around with me today showing it off. This thing just feels so right in your hands.