collaboration contest

Rusty McDonald

There should be something like this in the awards for Blade and such.

You know like someone forge and HT a blade and send it to someone for a handle or engraving or something. Ahh just thinkin out loud again. Damn voices wont shut up. Any thoughts on this?
I like the idea. 2thumbs There is so much talent in the knife world I bet there would be some amazing knives.

You got voices too????...thought it was just me:cool:
I think somebody else likes your idea!!! ;) Can't remember when they started doing this... I think around '03 but don't hold me to that.

Here's the list of awards and winners from '09. See, you're definitely not crazy Rusty! :D

I don't know what the rules for this category are, but one year when I was at the show the winning knife had a damascus blade with all the forging done by one maker, and all the rest done by another. :)

BLADE Show Custom Knife Awards

Hugh Bartrug Best Of Show: Matsusaki Takeshi

Best Handle Design: Zaza Revishvili

Best Tactical Folder: R.J. Martin

Best Sword: Vince Evans

Best Of The Rest: Reese Weiland

Most Innovative Design: Daniel Winkler

Best Utility Hunter: J.R. Cook

Yvon Vachon Best Miniature Knife: Yoshio Sakachi

Best Art Knife: Tim Hancock

Best Fixed Blade: Jerry Fisk

Best Bowie: Mike Ruth

Best Folder: Matsusaki Takeshi

Best Fighter: Harvey Dean

Best New Maker: J.A. Bardsley

Best Knife Collaboration: Richard Rogers and Simon Lytton

Best Damascus Knife: Jimmy Chin
DOH! don't I feel like I have had a Senior moment. I read the winners for this year just a few weeks ago. Must have been stuck in my head or something. Didnt you get the Peck award or some thing when You got your JS Nick?
Yea Rusty, but it's only because I was the only one who tested that year! huh1


You gonna test this year bud?
For some reason I can't I have to wait another year even though I've been a member of the ABS for 3 years( or at least I thought so) they have me down in the books as being a member since 07' so I got screwed and the abs gets another year out of me as an apprentice.
you were not the only one that year, Sam Butler was there too he works with me.
I had something like that Rusty, but it was my own doing. I joined the ABS at the Montana show, which was exactly one month AFTER the Blade show. So I had to wait 3 years and 11 months!!! :eek:

But then of course I spazzed out at the last minute, and even though I had two tickets to Atlanta and everything else planned, I cancelled :rolleyes: Got it dicked the next year though.

I wanted to test for Ms this last June, but I've just been too busy. And neither step is one to rush IMHO.

One good thing about having to wait like you are, is it's that much sweeter when you get it... and you WILL get it. cool 1
I am not real sure about this ABS thing. I joined two years ago and have never got anything from them. I went to San Antonio to the ABS show when I talked to them about it and was basicly told that I could join right then.