Cleaver advice please


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In a couple of months I am going to grind my mate a camp knife cleaver. What would be the best grind to put on this please as I have never attempted a cleaver.

Chris Railey

There are better people here than I to answer this question but maybe help them out a little more by telling them what you want the knife to be able to accomplish.


"The Montana Bladesmith"
A "cleaver" generally has a heavy convex grind/edge to withstand the rigors of chopping duty. Not sure exactly what design a "Camp Knife Cleaver" is.... but I'd likely go with a flat grind, and a somewhat heavy convex edge. You can grind a knife to be a good "cutter" or you can grind a knife to be a good "chopper"..... trying to mix the two generally means giving up in one area to gain in another.....which one is up to the maker. ;)


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Thanks for the replies gents.

My terminology is likely wrong with the wording I used but its for a mate who now lives in Australia who wants a general purpose clever type design for when camping, so a jack of all trades blade I suppose though I think I will make it more or a chopping blade as he has his other knife he wears.

Drew Riley

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Seems like the above "cleaver" profile has been gaining in popularity for "outdoor cooking", due, primarily to the "Almazan Kitchen" channel on youtube/social media. I don't particularly see it as any more useful than a traditional Chinese cleaver like Martin Yan uses.

I guess it depends on the end use....