Mais Cher you could make one a dem claw knife... lol this makes probably 0 sense to everyone here.... but I did see a few louisiana boys in here a while back.


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Looks like you're farther along that I am LOL. I haven't even settled on a design yet, let alone picked out the materials. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
I may finish this one out for my KITH.
Here is one of my EDC knives. It may be closer to your liking. A little over 7 inches overall. Made from 1084, differential heat treat with polished hamon. I applied clear KG Gun-Koat which will keep it rust resistent for years and prevent blood and animal fat from sticking to the blade. Handle is Rosewood with multiple coats of Birchwood Casey’s Tru-Oil finish. What do you guys think finish the skinner or this one? 2D3B8F62-7341-44D0-A68F-A8DFB1401474.jpeg D8C1B45B-9287-481F-B6EC-78C4D07D0E37.jpeg 698BAC87-C7BD-4F58-8A3A-F39BC42C130E.jpeg
That is a funny story. It was intended to have two pins and no lanyard hole but stupid me forgot to drill the holes before HT so right where I would put the front pin was not covered by clay so its way too hard there to drill. So I added the lanyard to serve as a second pin. It does look funny so I will just keep this one and make another for KITH because I do not like the skinner either.