Chef's knife - Hand Forged 52100

That is truly forging and a GREAT job. I'd admire to forge an integral bolster like that, but do know my limits. GREAT JOB! and a good looking knife.

edit: I just watched the video - good job on editing the video. Now, a question please - I note the hole drilled in tang was filled with a rivet then ground smooth. Why this step? I realize the pin went thru that spot - was it because the rivet would be easier to drill than the tang without "walking" the bit in the wood?
Thanks for the compliments and for watching the video. I'm really glad you liked it!

The aluminum rived is added to avoid the drill bit from wondering and lower the chance of me ruining the wood when drilling the whole. It helps but is not totally necessary. If you have the knife nicely clamped when drilling the whole on a drill press, this can be avoided.