CATRA Edge Retention (ISO certified)/ Rockwell testing (NIST certified)

VeraX Knives

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Yes, I have both and am more than willing to test anything for someone who wants it totally free except for shipping. I live in ZIP code 15102 for cost. All information you get raw, I can help with interpretation if necessary but it's mostly basic common sense. Video of the testing can also be done if you don't trust me to load cardstock correctly, etc. I may be disliked by a lot of people who don't know me, but I'm told that I'm actually a pretty nice guy; Just do not expect respect instantly and understand the word please.
Also, I can do tests on any material which I DO NOT LIKE DOING with an asininely expensive machine, but the cardstock is not cheap. Offering this for free could change to me asking for you to pay for cardstock if you want an ISO certified test. It will also show any media I stick in it, it's just a bit messy.