Carry Assisted Open


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I have to second the SOG Flash II. The main drawback on this edc is that it is so light I keep forgetting it in my pocket and toss it in the laundry. It is sharp, incredibly fast, perfect blade shape, has super locking strength, and is as durable as they come. BTW ... No I am not a salesman for SOG knives!!!
I believe all of these blades are great carry knifes no matter the occasion. I always carry one of mine Emersons. Not just because of the quality of the blade or how you can beat it to death, but Emerson represent. Mr. Emerson looks out for all Military men and women. His company has full support for the men and women that are protecting our country. He is also a moral man. He isn't in the company just because of the money, he is in it to provide people with what they need. Btw I do not work for emerson just in case.


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I have recently purchased Tac Force assisted opening knife which was on sale and I think it is best. Although I am not very much in favor of assisted opening knives because of their security purpose but sometimes it is fine to have at least one such product in your inventory (as a knife collector).


Well that sucks! I hope you get that problem fixed soon.

I've never heard of a knife company giving a customer the parts and having them fix it themselves.:confused: Just doesn't seem right to me. -Matt-
Taylor Brands gave me the option of sending in a S&W assisted opener, but I chose to have them send me the screws which were missing and the bit to drive them with. I dislike mailing things, and like to tinker.