Can't load pics! Arggg!

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Well, I haven't been active on here much in the last year and I've noticed the forum software has changed a lot. I can't seem to get any pics to load! I tried creating an album and get the message below when I hit upload. Cut and paste, gives me the same message. I've tried everything I can think of, but still no luck. What gives?

Anthony...all I do is use the "Upload a file" button at the bottom. Then I go to the jpeg I want and click on it. It will ask if you want full size or thumb nail. I always go full size. It will also alarm if the file is huge so sometimes I have to resize in MS Paint.
Hope this helps
I'm still stumped. I can upload some pics ok, but if its a pic that I edited with photoshop, no go. Straight off the camera pics will load, just not my edited ones. I tried saving them as jpegs, pngs, bitmaps, etc. I tried all different sizes, etc. I just posted my latest knife and the only way I could get my edited photos on there was to use the snipping tool and copy a screenshot.
Photoshop tends to make the files huge, especially if you created layers to do your edits. It helps to flatten the file and also resize the file to something like 800 pixels on the long side for web use. I know that this forum won't let me upload big files. I have downsize them or use lower resolution images.
You have to resize the pics. When this forum switched software it wouldn't let you post the large pics anymore. I downloaded a free resizing program and size all my 800x600 and have no problems posting them now.