can someone explain me this?


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Hi, This is my first post. I just wanted to share with you this amazing patent drawing that I found. It looks very sophisticated, how the hell does this thing from 1899 work? Bruce, I admire your work, but can you tell why no modern custom version of this mechanism can be seen around? Thanks


Bruce Bump

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Thanks for your first post on Knifedogs. I enjoy mechanisms and would like to take a better look at this one. Unfortunately the picture is very small.
Maybe somebody here has the smarts to blow it up and repost it for us to see.

Bruce Bump

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The link lets me see what it is. A combined 22 cal pistol and folding knife. A very compact unit and very cool to have I bet. I doubt there are many in the world because I googled it and didn't come up with anything at all. It looks difficult to make as its so small and I'm afraid I'd shoot a finger off before I got it tuned up.
Thanks for the conversation and link. What else do you have to show here? I love this stuff.