Can a production knife blade be copied?

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    Let me rephrase this.

    Is is possible to copy a production knife blade in another type of steel?
    That is mod an existing pocket folder with a blade of a different steel?

    I have two ZT knives that I happen to like among my custom knives.

    However, I would prefer them in either CPM S 90 V or CPM S 110 V

    Are there any knife makers who can and would be willing to do this for me?
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  2. BossDog

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    What you are looking for is a "modder". A guy that will make a folding knife blade in a different steel than what it was issued with. There are a few guys like this that are active on the internet. You will have to search them out. Modding a knife is generally an accepted practice in the community. Making a copy of a knife is not.
    You will have very little response and mostly negative if you ask for someone to make a copy of production or custom knife. Expect the cost to be more than you think it should be.
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