Can a production knife blade be copied?


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Let me rephrase this.

Is is possible to copy a production knife blade in another type of steel?
That is mod an existing pocket folder with a blade of a different steel?

I have two ZT knives that I happen to like among my custom knives.

However, I would prefer them in either CPM S 90 V or CPM S 110 V

Are there any knife makers who can and would be willing to do this for me?
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What you are looking for is a "modder". A guy that will make a folding knife blade in a different steel than what it was issued with. There are a few guys like this that are active on the internet. You will have to search them out. Modding a knife is generally an accepted practice in the community. Making a copy of a knife is not.
You will have very little response and mostly negative if you ask for someone to make a copy of production or custom knife. Expect the cost to be more than you think it should be.

Andre Grobler

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I priced a crkt m16 replacement blade in m390 for a client and it basically for the smallest piece of steel i could buy that would fit the blade came to 100usd then reproducing the shape by hand would be time consuming heat treat grind and finished would have ended up to be around 300usd and my friends who are foldermakers didnt want to touch the job, because it would be too time consuming, so i would have to say it will be difficult to get a foldermaker to do it...