Call for Submissions... Do you want to be a published author?


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I am the editor of an anthology centered around the theme of “Next Level Knifemaking.” We currently have 13 chapters and a publishing contract in hand, and are looking for more material.

I am seeking chapters, articles, or essays for inclusion in this project. Most of the existing chapters are between 3000 and 5000 words. I will assist you in editing the chapter prior to publication, and you will have approval of changes.

If you have a good blog, forum post, or previously published piece, that material may be adapted. These submissions do not have to be new original compositions, provided we can secure permission to publish.

This is an opportunity to have your work published in a book that will be distributed worldwide and available on Amazon. Your work will be associated with the work of many other well-known people in the knife industry, including Brad Stallsmith, Jim Cooper, Bob Ohlemann, Ed Braun, John Gulso, Shanna Jantz Kemp, Mark Bartlett, Salem Straub, Nathan Carothers, Erin Healy, and Joshua Swanagon.

If you have questions or want details, or if you know you want to participate, send me an email at
Jason Fry

John Wilson

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Jason, are you looking for individuals with some unique approach or style, or is this a philosophy of knifemaking type thing?


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Both, John. We've got chapters on how to use photography to advance your knifemaking, on the benefit of joining groups, on getting good mentors. We've got a chapter about learning to HT, and another about outsourcing HT. We've got an artistic design chapter. Whatever perspective you might could add on how to move to however you define the "next level" of knifemaking would be welcome.


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As a writer, this is my first effort at a book. I do have master's degrees in psychology and religion, and am a technical writer in my day job.
As a knifemaker, I've made knives a little over ten years. I've been in the national Knifemakers' Guild since 2013, and am the current president of the Texas Knifemaker's Guild. I've been in Blade magazine four or five times, and had a knife on the cover of the 2015 Knives Annual. As references, I'm sure any of the chapter authors would be willing to talk about the process we've been through to this point.


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Thank you Mr. Fry, no offence intended. As a published author for over 20 years plus, I've learned to ask for references from self-proclaimed editors.
I was aware of your beautiful knives, I wish you the best with your project, sounds like a great project for knife enthusiasts.


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None taken, Dan. I certainly understand. With this push I've moved up from 13 chapters in hand to 22 committed. Several of the new ones are based on existing material and so will go fairly fast.

I am fairly certain that there has never been a knifemaking anthology published. There are a few dozen "how to make a knife" books, and a few David Darom style "these are the best knives in the world" books, but not much in between. This project aims to shoot that gap, aimed at folks who already have a "how to" book and want to move to the next level.