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My recent creations:

RWL34 -4mm, white hanex handle and stainless corby bolts and tube. Lars Falt survival knife model. Flat with secondary, scotchbrite finish.

Hunting knife - RWL34 steel, desert ironwod and brass bolts and tube. Full flat with secondary edge, polished.


I have to share the defect on the first knife corby bolt. For the second time it happens that the female part of the corby set is overdrilled and when you remove the screwdriver notch - a freakin' hole appears! I am mad! The knife looks amazing with that white handle, and that defect...... so, check your corby depth with needle or something before you mount it.

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Absolutely beautiful work! I am a newbee, just got started, definitely alot of inspiration on this site, still trying to learn how to do a decent hollow grind! Have only done a few blades so far (none worthy of posting here unfortunately) hope to make something worth showing soon!


Every knife is worth posting! If for no other reason than to have a history you can look back on and see how you've improved. Or to get ideas from others who have a bit more knowledge. I know I like pictures!


Beautiful work! I've never used those bolts but your knives look great. What do you do with a knife like that? Do you replace the defective bolt, keep it for yourself, or maybe offer it at a discount? I've heard of the recycle bucket some shops have for things like that but for me if it holds an edge I would still use it myself. If nothing more than to remind me why it was headed to the bucket.

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My buddy got your white hanex, Lars Falt survival knife. He has a thing for that model because I made him one too :). He has had nothing but great things to say about yours.

Very nice work!