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I had an old maple fall in the swamp, going to cut it up for fire wood as it is hollow inside but there where a couple burls I cut off and sawed up this afternoon. anyone have any advise on how to process them? I cut them about 1 3/4" thick and put them on a shelf in the shed to dry out.


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Depending on your average relative humidity, they will take at least 18 months to dry. So , you're not in a big rush, are ya?
I coated some fresh blocks with boiled linseed oil in December and they are already starting to check. I'm kinda curious, too. I know we can paint them but was hoping to learn of an alternative to paint.
I discovered Anchorseal as I was looking up the pentacryl and found a forestry forum where a lot of people swear by it for logs. I was looking into ordering them both when our internet cut out again. We've got a semi local hardware store that might have them but everything is about double the price.