Built my own carbidizer

C Craft

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I did a little Googling this subject and found that Brian Fellhoelter's is suppose to have plans to build Carbidizer on the net. However I have yet to find them anywhere. I did get a better idea of how this thing works though!

I will wait but truly would like to see some pic and or video. I got an idea of how this works just not sure what it takes to build one!!


"The Montana Bladesmith"
Thats pretty much where I was at before I realized I had the power supply already in the shop (the Personalizer Plus etcher). I really need to call Brian and see where his plans are located. I too saw that he had the plans out there....but I couldn't find them either.

Freds Edge

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Ed , are you using the personalizer on etch or mark , I'm sure I kept some of those broken end mills somewhere !


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If you wish to play around with carbidizing a bit, just take any DC voltage source of 15 to 20 VDC (be sure it's fused at 2 amp or so). Connect positive lead to the Dremel etcher carbide bit, connect negative lead to blade (or test metal), set the Dremel etcher to "5", turn it on, and lightly touch carbide point/edge to metal and watch the sparks fly. You will lay down a nice thin layer of carbide.

Ken H>


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Don...... its not about getting smart (just ask my Mrs!)..... its more like..... Even a blind pig finds an acorn every now and then! :)

Frank Niro

I don't know if i will ever use this, but it's to good to let get away from me. I've made sure I have it !!!
Thanks Ed !!!

Drew Riley

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If it inserted correctly, here's Fellhoelter's schematic for his "add on" box.

As long as you have a power supply, it's really just a matter of adding some capacitors and an effective method of depositing the carbide several times per second (in most cases, a vibrating engraver).

If I can find it, I'll also link a pretty informative video from Grimsmo knives on how he made his using a variac.



"The Montana Bladesmith"
Brian...... I thought I had remembered seeing a video of yours somewhere....but now that I think about it, I think it was on how you etch/mark your blades. I was yaking with Steve last week.....and thought about you when we were talking about the carbidizer. So far using the Personalizer Plus for a power source seems to be working good for me.

After I get back from the KC show next week, I'll try to get some video of my "frankenstien" carbadizer and post it up here. :)


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Forgive my extreme ignorance here, as I'm not particularly electrically savvy (or knife making savvy for that matter, ha) but I do have about 15lbs of broken carbide just laying around.

I was discussing this with a friend and saw Ken's post about just needing a DC power source from 15-20v. I don't have a Personalizer plus, but I do have a battery charger, and I have vinegar/salt etched steel with it. (This model here http://www.walmart.com/ip/Diehard-8...-Charger-with-Emergency-Engine-Start/15140190)

Would this thing even remotely work if I got the dremel? It'd be nice to actually use the broken carbide I have for something other than just laying in a box. I've been waiting for the scrap value of it to increase. I remember the days of getting $11/lb for it, and now they're offering me $4.50. For that price I'll just keep it (and maybe even use it!)

I'm pleased to share that if you own a Knife Dogs etcher or a Marking Methods Mark 300 etcher, the engraver is all you need. Tried it with both today and it worked great for carbidizing lock faces.