Bruce D. Bump MS: "Scar Maker" Dagger (Ultra Hi-Res Image)

Caleb Royer

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maker: Bruce D. Bump MS
"Scar Maker" Dagger
steel: Dual mosaic damascus
guard, pommel, & frame: 1018
handle material: Amber dyed sambar stag scales
blade length: 12 3/4"
overall length: 18 3/8"
sheath: Custom leather & lizard by Claude Scott of Walla Walla, WA
engraving: Jere Davidson of Rustburg, VA, hot gun blued finish
co-designer: Jack Scardina

click Image for Ultra Hi-Res

Mind blowing details on this knife.

Caleb, I'm always torn on your posts. I can't decide if I'm looking at the knife, or your photography more. You do a fantastic job on these.
Thanks much my friends. Compliments always give me fuel to keep going.

Justin, I am trying to talk the owner into bringing it to the show. This one could do well in the judging I think.
Do you have a table again this year?
I am officially changing your ABS status to K.O.A.M.S.
(King of all Master Smiths).
Your new Stamp will read: "a Rege" (from the king in Latin).
" a Rege " has a nice ring to it indeed and I will 2nd the status :cool:...........amazing piece Mr Bump sir !!
What can be said about a Bruce Bump knife? I just assume that everything that comes off your bench goes directly into a guarded display at the Smithsonian.
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Thanks much fellow dogs. I enjoy making double edge knives, especially the blades. This one has a frame that was lathe turned with the scales super glued in place. My first attempt at this method.