Bolsters on Liner Lock knives


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Hey all so finally feel real good about my new liner lock folding knife. Now i want to add a bolster to the front of the knives. I am looking for some direction either a video or anything to help get me started. All help is appreciated. Thanks AikenBlades RA Kessler


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Aikenn, the way I do it is counter bore a hole in the bolster to cover the pivot pin head, you have another screw next to it, it that the stop pin?
I put the bolsters on first, usually dovetailed for the scale and use 0-80 screws into the liners.
then install the scales. here's three pics to show it, they just cover the pivot pin, for stop pins I use 3/32 hardened pins that are flush with the outside of the liners. hopes this helps you.



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Thank i guess there is alway more than one way.
I though of using the pivot screw/pin and stop pin to secure the bolster, but the trouble i am having is i drill and ream all my holes in pairs and i had no way of securing the bolster material to preform my drill and ream.
But the way u do ur work kind of get around.
I will have to think. Thanks. Are the bolsters surface ground???