Blunt knives

C Craft

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I have said for years, you can legislate all the rights afforded to us here in the United States under the 2nd amendment!!

However you can not legislate away crazy or evil!! Blunting the tip of a knife does not mean you can't be slashed or cut with it!!

If you can not live with the one you live with, get up and get the he!! out of there!!

Doug Lester

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Thinking back over it I'm sure those 100 blunted knives are going to make a big dent in aggravated assaults in he county. Talk about a feel good exercise in futility. At least some local politician can tell the public that something is being done about knife assaults.



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A few points on this from a British knife maker.
Knives are the weapon of choice for street dealers. Territory wars are the one single item that has upped knife crime dramatically in the UK. However this is because the cops are basically ignoring it because our prisons are all full and police numbers have been effectively cut and police pay reduced its around 24k now and thirty years ago it was 19k start salary. Also pension deals have been dramatically reduced.
What the heck do we expect is going to happen?
It was only 12 months ago that the hammer was overtaken as the top murder weapon in our statistics. Yet no action on sale or postage of hammers as yet, unlike knives.
We all know what to do when someone is under risk of violence from an ex partner etc. We must lock the guilty party up and there are plenty laws that should allow for this.
However I think this report is a spoof though we are seeing some real crazy times in law enforcement actions.