Blade West This Weekend


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Hey Whats Up Dogs?? Just thought I would say I am headin to Oregon to the Blade West Show. It is Sept. 11-13. I am so excited!! If anyone will be in the Portland area stop by and see me and everyone else there. It will be a blast. Sorry I didn't get any of my knife pics up before I left but I will be sure to past some when I get home. Thanks, Shane
Hello Shane,
I am in the workshop packing wood for the show. I got a booth this time so I have to be sure to bring enough wood. My wife said to be sure to leave enough room in the van for us. Hope to see you there. Stop by our booth if you get a chance.
Shane I will get the pics posted this week. Sorry been busy. But if anyone gets a chance to see Shanes knives at the show you will be amazed.2thumbs

I was extremely lucky and got one from a KITH. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dang rights I'll stop by your booth Mark!! It'll be good to meet ya face to face, and see some of your great supply.

Hey James don't worry bout the pics. I know what mean about bein busy! Thanks for the kind words. I'll let ya all know how the show goes in a few days. Thanks, Shane
I am going to miss seeing those I have gotten to know at Blade West this year. Met some real nice folks there. Got a job that starts Monday in Greatfalls Montana and need to stick around here in Lewistown. Best of luck to all annd hope to see ya all next year if not sooner.
We are at the Blade show right now. A few blank spots but still a good show. Shane entered a couple in the judging. I think he should win but who knows about these judges. His knives look great.