Blade show 2019 report


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This is going to sound elementary, but what is a 3 piece knife? Google searches turn up nothing but kitchen sets.

Casey Brown

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Sorry I didn't notice. It wasn't intentional. Please say hello next time. I always like to visit with other makers. Honestly I was memorized by Ron Lake and wanted to take in every word. Thompson BBQ ribs were insanely good.
Totally agree on both points! I had not gotten my tickets before the class, so I was rushing to get them and get inside to check out the show. I will definitely say hi next year if I see you.

Justin Presson

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Tracy, for someone who has been multiple times how soon do you need to book a hotel and is 2 days enough to walk most of the show?

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Tracy, for someone who has been multiple times how soon do you need to book a hotel and is 2 days enough to walk most of the show?
You can find a room the week before. It will just be further away from the convention center and probably quite a bit cheaper to boot. By farther out I mean 5 or more miles away. Not a big deal really. Parking at the center can be tight but at least it’s expensive. The Waiverly, attached to the center is usually booked 6 to 8 months before the show. There are more than enough rooms around the convention center with in 5 to 6 miles you should not have a problem. I usually stay at the Sheraton across the street and walk.

I was pretty focused on seeing every table and booth this year. I’m sure I missed at least 1/4 to 1/3 of it and that was all day Friday, Saturday and a few hours Sunday. To be fair a lot of my time is working with suppliers so you if skip those a day and a half is probably enough.

It’s incredible how much you can learn from exceptional makers if you just ask questions. Plan as much time as you can spare for that.

John Wilson

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I think that’s what they’re called I’m not positive. My least favorite knife design I’ve ever seen I think View attachment 69012


I JUST GOT a request for this very knife.

my answer: No.

customer: why not?

me: it’s somebody’s design. buy it from them.

customer: they want $100 for it

me: sounds about right. i couldn’t make it for that. (wouldn’t)

customer: what do you think of this knife?

me: i can’t imagine a single thing it would be good at. but it looks cool.

moral of the story: There is a HUGE market out there for “looks badass”. Don’t underestimate the buying power of the Mall Ninja Horde. The customer who asked for this is the guy who has an AR15 with every doodad that the quad rails can hold. It looks like a fully loaded Harriet jet. He has a safe full of ones just like it.

So why not make tacticool stuff? For me- because I’m not a stamping plant in china. I need $350 to make that knife worth my time. No, make it $450 because it needs to be coated. Which means I’d sell 3 of them while Amazon sells them by the shipping container at $100 each.

No thanks.