Blade/handle positioning device.


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I don’t know if a lot of people do their handles the same as I do, but I’m sure there are a few. I drill two parallel holes 3/16 diameter, then wobble the drill bit to turn it into a slot for the tang. The slot ends up being roughly 3/16, but my tang is typically around .100”, so I bed the tang in epoxy so I can do most of the shaping with the handle removed. Problem is, the blade can end up not being totally straight with the handle block. I invented this doohickey to put an end to that. It’s aluminum, and I can use the set screws to orient the blade exactly how I want it and hold it there till the epoxy cures. I wrap the tang with one layer of Teflon tape so the epoxy doesn’t stick to it. I let it setup overnight and the blade pulls out pretty easily. Figured I’d share this in case anyone else needed ideas.


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