Biggerer, Thickerer, Widerer!


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Made this guy for a "knife in the hat" dealio on another thread. I thought the site could use some more "knife po*n" :biggrin: It is forged from a salvaged spring off a very old steam thresher. It started out 3/8" thick by 4" wide and required a whole lot of hammering to get it down to 1/4" at the spine. OAL is 11 1/2" with a 6" blade and 5 1/2" handle. Mostly done by hand with the exception of a power drill to poke some bolt holes in the handle. The scales are Super Cool Mystery Wood! I really have no idea. I took them from a pallet at work. I mistook them for maple but a friend, who is very knowlegable about such things, said it was not maple. I could say they are gopher wood salvaged when they built Noah's Ark but Ray has all that stashed away.:p(old Fart joke) Sheath is veg-tanned leather with a copper loop-thingy to hold it. One can switch the sheath around depending on how they want to carry it. Thanks for looking
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Definitely got the WOW factor going on Troy...Very impressive...
Almost half of hardwood timber cut on the planet goes into shipping pallets, the wood could be
anything from anywhere...