Bigger pics


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If I am doing a wip, how do I make my pictures larger. Like the ones done by Bruce bump in his wips. Thanks.
larger file sizes make larger pictures. if you start with a full resolution file, when you go to upload it you'll have a couple of choices. Choose the largest size available and when it uploads you can see if you like that or want to go smaller.
Oh, okay. You mean that you want the image to look full size in thread without mousing over the image to expand it. Because your pictures do enlarge to a good size when I mouse over them.

I'm not exactly sure what determines the display size within the post itself.

It is all in how you link the picture to the message board. If you upload a picture to your personal folder on the message board then click on it and copy the url then open your forum post and add the picture by referencing to the URL it will then be full size.

There may be a more elegant way but that will do it.


If you upload an image a thumbnail will be displayed with a max size of 180px height or width (the image will be proportionately resized)