Big Skinner

Frank Aguirre

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Well here is my latest one. Some of yall have probably seen it already, but here it is anyways. It is also the first one with my new etch. I am new and I think this is my best looking one yet in the fit and finish category.


Frank Aguirre

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I am going on a year in September. This was number 15 for me. I have recieved advice from nothing but A+ knifemakers but have a whole heck of alot to learn still. Thanks for the kind words.


It is made from 3/16" ats34 and was heat treated by Peter's heat treat.

Jeff Pearce

I just started a few months ago. i have lots to learn. I have alot of fun grinding .good luck and keep up the good work2thumbs

Blade Runner


Very nice job. Where did you learn to etch the blade? I want to learn that skill as well.

G. Shahan

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I have watched you progress on another forum over the last few months.
I am very impressed. Keep it up, a lot of people are going to know your name.



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That's a really nice knife Frank, and what's cool is that you are already showing your own vision in your work. I dig that. Keep em coming! 2thumbs