Best EDC for $100 ?

Discussion in 'Folding Knives Forum' started by Wolverine666, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Wolverine666

    Wolverine666 Guest

    Hey guys. This is my first post here. And I'm in the process of selecting a new EDC knife. My only parameters are that I want it to be relatively dicreet in my pocket (under 4.50" closed) and I want to keep it under $100. The few I've been eye-balling are : the Benchmade Mini Griptilian M390 , the Benchmade-HK 14210 and the Benchmade Mini Bone Collector. They are all the right size for me , all have awesome blade steels and all have the sweet Axis lock. I'm a total Benchmade fan but I'm open to suggestions concerning any brand.

    So let me know your opinions/suggestions. Thanks.
  2. murphda2

    murphda2 Super Moderator and KD Blade Show Boss

    Welcome to the pack. When you get a chance, stop by the "Introduction Forum" and tell us all about yourself.

    I'm a big BM fan and own several. Until recently, the BM Stryker has always been my go to knife as an EDC (I've carried one on two tours to Iraq). A couple of months ago I picked up a Zero Tolerance model 350 that has really impressed me. If you shop around really hard you can get one for a good price. I paid $100 shipped to my door. If you're on a tight budget, there is always the CRKT M-16 line up. They aren't BM, but they are pretty solid performers for the money.
  3. Wolverine666

    Wolverine666 Guest

    Thanks for the welcome. I just visited the "Intro Forum" and introduced myself. As far as ZT knives go , I've always been intrigued by their designs but I've never handled one. And they always seem to get great reviews (esp via YouTube). My interest has indeed been piqued. Is ZT a company that was formed by knife makers from other companies ? I could be wrong as I'm still learning.
  4. BRad704

    BRad704 Well-Known Member

    My EDC is a $13 truck stop knife that has served me well for over 8 years now... Although I have REALLY been thinking about replacing it with a Kershaw Leek for about $40...
  5. murphda2

    murphda2 Super Moderator and KD Blade Show Boss

    ZT is "a colaboration between Kai USA, Ken Onion and Strider Knives". In layman's terms, it's a division of Kershaw whose knives are designed by Ken Onion and Strider Knives whose target client base is military and emergency responders (police, fire, and paramedics).

    I've never been a fan of Kershaw nor Strider, but I have to admit that I'm extremely impressed with ZT. The two I have purchased are both rock solid knives.
  6. Frstr8

    Frstr8 Designated Dog Photo Chopper

    ZT 350 is a great knife. The customer service is second to none. I carried a ZT 350 for several years before giving it away to a friend who could not afford a good knife. Benchmade or Zero Tolerance you can't go wrong.
  7. dennie

    dennie Active Member

    I received one of the new CRKT Ken Onion Ripple knives for Christmas. Flipper style. The sides are stainless that I believe are nitrided for color. The knife has a thin profile but is very rigid. The ease and smoothness of the knife is amazing, and there is no play in the blade when open. In my opinion, Ken has set a new standard again with his I.K.B.S. uncagged ball bearings. You might want to take a look at one of them.
  8. murphda2

    murphda2 Super Moderator and KD Blade Show Boss

    Good point Dennie. I seen the Ripple at BLADE and did a little research before picking one up at the AG Russell Knife Event. I haven't carried it much due to the fact I typically like to have a larger blade at hand, but it is a very solidly built little flipper.
  9. wdtorque

    wdtorque Well-Known Member

    I got a Mini Grip M390 from GPKnives, who have a forum here, and really like it. Just got it so have no real feedback other than the normal excellent fit, finish, and feel. And the blade is 3" which is legal most places. Dozier
  10. Tectonic

    Tectonic Guest

    SOG Twitch or Flash
  11. jylong_away

    jylong_away Well-Known Member

    Perhaps the Spyderco Paramilitary 2? The next batch is coming out around now, and they've made some tweaks to improve the smoothness of the action. Think street price is $105. Or for real value, the Manix 2.
  12. dan van

    dan van Well-Known Member

    I usually carry a BM Mini Griptillian, It's a comfortable size,(2.90 Blade) operation is easy and smooth and seems to retain its edge well. Dan
  13. Wolverine666

    Wolverine666 Guest

    So you're happy with the Mini Grip M390 ? What number did you get ? I've been looking at this knife for months. I like it but I'm just not sure how solid the Valox handle would feel. Does it feel sturdy and well-built ? I'm used to having knives with G10 or aluminum handles so Valox is new to me. I just don't want it to feel "too" light or cheap.
  14. dan van

    dan van Well-Known Member

    My BM Mini Griptillian is Part Number: BM556P. I have used it to cut the strapping (1/4 thick x 5.00 wide used to hold loads on a semi trailer) into 30 pieces before it was dull, but had no ill effects on the handle or frame. Dan
  15. I love Benchmade and i'm a big fan of their HK line. I actually own a 14210S and its an extremely sharp knife (154CM is a great steel) and its a small knife but it feels decently sized when holding it. I'm actually selling it on ebay right now so if your still looking you can either find the auction on ebay or i could sell it to you privately. It's such a nice knife that i could actually never bring myself to carry it cuz i wanted to keep it in mint condition haha.
  16. rme4570

    rme4570 New Member

    I have to agree with everybody on the Zero Tolerance 0350. It's a great knife for the money. If you decide to add $50 more, go for the ZT 0650-love mine and it's my EDC. I was a fan of Benchmade but there quality control and the tolerances they manufacture to have changed. If you want a knife from them stick with the H&K models as they are holding them to a higher standard. One other under appreciated knife is the Lone Wolf brand. Their Cheyenne model is about $100 and is twice the knife a Benchmade is. These are going to become hard to find and increase in value because they have recently been purchased--by Benchmade--so get one while you can.
  17. murphda2

    murphda2 Super Moderator and KD Blade Show Boss

    Good point on the Lone Wolf line up. I need to go visit my local knife dealer. Last time I was in visiting him, he had an entire case full of them.
  18. ROBB

    ROBB Member

    You don't have to limit yourself to Benchmade even though their fine knives. Spyderco, Kershaw and a few others make lots of folders under $100.
  19. rme4570

    rme4570 New Member

    You are right about Spyderco. Some of their more expensive knives are way underated. Check out the Manix with Green G-10 or Orange G-10 grips. Both are high dollar steels with full skeletonized steel liners. They are much lighter than the Black G-10 and better blades. Excellent jimping. Both will be collector items. Only 600 Orange ones were manufactured. Caly 3.5 is a nice one also.
  20. Wolverine666

    Wolverine666 Guest

    These have all been great suggestions. Here's where I stand on the topic (Best EDC for $100) : First , I've changed my price point. A lot. I figure that if I really like the knife then I will go as high as $350-ish. I know it's 3.5 times what I was originally going to spend but my research has opened some new doors (in my mind) for me. Second , I am a devoted Benchmade fan and I love their HK line too (esp the 14210 , 14205 and 14255). Just wish they would update the HK line as it is need for some serious freshening. And the knife that I really want (right now) is the Benchmade 755 MPR. Real thick M390 blade , overbuilt titanium and G10 handle with strong Monolock lock = sign me up. And as soon as GPKnives gets them in stock I will buy it. It's just a waiting game right now. Third , I've been looking at some other brands such as Strider and Chris Reeve. That's where my new price point comes in. The Striders look awesome and have a great rep fro being tough. But I also have heard more than once that they are a bit rough around the edges (blades not centered , rough grinds). So I'm not sure I like that. And CRK have a "love 'em or Hate 'em" rep. They seem well-built with nice materials. But the Sebenza (the one I'm looking at) looks so boring. "Blah" comes to mind. And at more than twice the price of a Benchmade MPR it doesn't seem worth it. I also like the Benchmade Subrosa. And I'm curious about the Benchmade Mini Onslaught but if the blade thickness is really .070" then I would never even consider it since I like thick blades (MPR has .164" thick blade , M390). So MPR is in the lead. I will update the situation as it progresses.

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