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I’m very new to knifemaking but I’m having fun. I need a real belt sander with different areas and angles for sanding. Can someone recommend a nice one that will have the HP to quickly grind steel and micarta and have good working table and maybe attachments?

also, recommendations on different belt grits for rough to final would be appreciated.


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To the OP, if you'll fill out your profile page to show location it will help LOTS on recommending tools. What might be a good idea here in USA might not be in some other parts of the world. Even state to state can vary.

It sounds like you might be looking for a 2X72" grinder? If so, either building or buying a commercial unit go variable speed for sure.


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Look at/for a "good" brand 2x72" machine. Bader, KMG, Burr-King, or any other brand that's been around for a while. Steer clear of the johnny come lately ones..... they will be there today to take your money, but likely gone tomorrow... when you need service/parts/help.

Expect to pay $1,500-$3,000 for a quality grinder. And as Ken said..... spend the money and get a variable speed!! You might not know much about right now, but once you use it, it will amaze you.

Belts: Two things..... buy premium belts, and steer clear of cheap ones..... you'll use twice as many cheap belts as you will the premium belts.
Everybody has their favorite brands and progression of grit sizes.

Personally, as a Bladesmith, I start most of the shaping at the forge. I use a 50 grit ceramic belt for my heavy grit, but also use 120, 220, 400, 600, and 1200 grits. I also have some specialty belts such as cork/abrasive belts, Scothbrite finishing belts, and some belts that are called "open grit" belts.

Chris Railey

In that price range I would look at Pheer Grinders. I bought a Pheer 454 two years ago and it is a solid well made grinder. I have had zero issues with the grinder. I know several other makers who have them and all are happy. In your situation, if you have access to 220v I would get the 454 grinder with the 2 HP variable speed motor and KBAC 27D variable speed hybrid drive. With flat platen and tool rest the total would be $1650 for a solid machine. If you want to add a small wheel holder, tool arm and 3/4" small wheel it is +$170. I have spoken to Jose (owner) many times, he will ALWAYS answer your question or help however he can. He prefers emails and is always quick to answer. You could also choose the combo option for $1750 which includes everything above (minus the small wheel set up) and an 8" contact wheel plus tool arm. Then you could still add the $170 small wheel set up and not max your top end budget. You would have a full set up for right at $2000. I do not receive anything from Jose' for recommending his grinders I just feel like his grinders are overlooked by most people.
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I might add having 2 tooling arms (2 total) offers much more flexibility. And +1 on variable speed. Rotation to a horizontal position is also a plus.
FWIW, I've been very pleased with my Reeder Grinder.

Gene Kimmi

I'll second Chris' recommendation on the Pheer grinder. I've had mine for at least a couple years and have no complaints.

Another one you may want to look at is the Brodbeck Ironworks grinder. It is a newer grinder made by a couple knifemakers. It is getting high praise from some well known makers.

Sean Jones

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I built my grinder for about $600 and then added a KBAC 27D for about another $300. However if I had to do it again I would buy a name brand grinder. I wasted a lot of time and effort building mine.

While a learned a lot, in the long run I believe a well known commercial grinder is a better choice. Takes a lot of fine tuning to get a home built rig to run right.

The only upside to building your own is if something goes wrong I know how to fix it.


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$1500 gets you an AmeriBrade with combo platen with 6" contact wheel, small wheel arm/steel wheels with a 1hp variable speed motor and some belts. They are in CA near LA.