Been awhile, here's some new ones... Part 2

J. Neilson

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Here are a few more pieces that have been waiting to be posted...


Here is one of my "Crossover" Belt knives in 52100 steel with a trigger guard, file worked thumb rest and handle scales of Cocobola Burl wood.


Here is a Field/Bush knife done in etched 52100 with multiple quench lines with wrought iron guard and threaded pommel and an Elk antler handle.


Here is another Crossover Belt knife (standard version) in hand rubbed 52100 and Desert Ironwood Burl handle scales.


Here is a Field/Bush knife in "Frontier" pattern damascus steel with a top scraping edge, silica bronze hardware and handle of stabilized Cherry Burl wood.


Here is a Drop-point Hunter in hand-rubbed 52100 with a deep belly, file worked thumb rest and handle scales of Desert Ironwood Burl done in a palm-swell style.
Nice work, as usual J. I like the top one best which is funny because if you told me you were gonna make a knife with that type guard I would have thought, "no way" but I really like it. Thanks for showing.
Nice knives for sure. I'm with Darren on the first knife. I would have thought it had too large a guard, however it really looks good. I would say it was my favorite of the group (with the elk handle a close second). Guards are nice when dressing game, in the dark with cold wet hands.
Their all beauties my congrats to you Neilson but, my choice the 1st one. By the way how much would you be asking for it?