Band saws


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Hey dogs,
Would anyone know if a reliant 14 inch bandsaw is decent? I think it is 4 .speed and slowest speed is 600 would that work for metal. Also there asking 100.00 from what I found online there out of business thanks in advance


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For $100.00 I would check and see if it runs smoothly and nothing looks bent? Also that the roller guides etc.. are mostly there? You can replace most of it if need be. Are the tires shot?
You can get replacements but I will say that I purchased a old Craftsman Bandsaw for $50.00 and by the time I got done replacing everything missing or bent,Wornout. I was within about 200.00 of purchasing a new Grizzly 14" G0555P with a miter table plus other goodies.

Also I never really got the Craftsman to run very smoothly, It made a lot of noise etc.. I purchased the Griz G0555P and have been very happy with it.