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Looking to buy a band saw, what should I look for and what to stay away from, Seems to be a lot of Rockwell 14" on E-Bay, All ideas considered.......
What are you planning to use if for? If you give everyone as much information as you can it will help the experts to give you advice.
I've got a Harbor Freight bi-metal band saw - it's pretty big. I've seen guys modifiy and mount the much smaller DeWalt band saws.

I have the HF 64 1/2 inch model. For how cheap they are I can't see going through the hassle of modifying the portable saw to try to make it into something it is not. The HF model you can let it cut bar stock while you do other things. How well it cuts is really more about the blades you use than anything.

There is a forum for the 64 1/2in saw on Yahoo. If you join it you can access the plans for their cutting guide/jig that is worth building. It will allow you to cut very small part just like you would bar stock.
I have the HF model as well. It cuts just fine, ordered a new blade from Tracy and hope to be cutting like a champ soon.

I have seen and heard great things about the portabans being mounted to the wall, and they also have mounts for benches now too. I might have to pick one up for the hell of it.

I say you would be good with the HF model. If you have one close go grab one....if not...I ordered mine and only charged $15 shipping.

Best of luck.

The HF band saw works like a champ. I know newbies like myself who have them and I even know of guys with decades of experience who have them. You can order a high quality blade that will last you alot longer, but if you need a decent blade in a pinch, you can run down to your local Home Depot and pick up one. I have learned that the Home Depot blades do not like 1095 HR (yes, I learned this the hard way).
Another vote for the HF 4x6 I've modified mine by adding a larger table and mounting it upright on a stand it works fine. The one drawback to all the smaller bandsaws is the they are limited by the with of the throat which is 4" on the HF guy. But it's a couple of hundred versus a thousand plus if you want to get a really decent dedicated vertical bandsaw.
I've got the HF bandsaw also. Sign up for their club online get a 20% off coupon. When on sale for $199 pick it up for $160 :) Thats what I did

Murph- I smoked the blade on 1080HR also, LOL.

I've had it less than a year but no problems yet other than replacing the blade. The Table is dang near useless. Haven't yet but I'm gonna try a Bruce Bump style table.

For the money it is a good saw IMHO probably not the best out there but I think most of us can probably figure it out given any problems.

I do know a couple guys who've had theirs 20 years.

I just got the HF 4x6 also heard quite a few people say for the money it's a great hobbyist saw. I waited for it to go on sale also, got a 20% off coupon from a magazine and picked it up for 160 something with the tax. II also sprung an extra 30 bucks or so and took a 2 year warranty out on it just in case something happens. It is Harbor Freight after all. If anyone has any cost effective ways to change/modify the table for it I'm all ears. I don't have much access to a ton of steel or ways to cut it if that matters at all.
I just got a Milwaukee portaband to replace my HF which the casting broke on. I REALLY like it, variable speed and cuts like a champ!

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Im not sure what HF bandsaw you guys are talking about.
They have very few on their website and those are woodworking.:confused:
Does anybody have a direct link to the saw?

This is a verticle/horizontal bandsaw that locks in the upright position with use of the table and is basically the same as a floor model with a shallower throat (distance between the blade and framework of the saw).

In horizontal use the table is removed and would be gravity feed typically used to cut pipe, tubing, angle iron, and such.

I think there's a pic of mine in the shop photos thread

Already comes with a table....just a little gap where scrap gets caught every once in awhile. I have heard of people making new tables out of wood/micarta etc. Or just cut a piece of wood up to the blade on top of the table.

I love my red devil....havent kicked it yet2thumbs

Thank you Josh.
I was looking for a verticle bandsaw. So are people running this verticle somehow and building a table for it? I am very interesten in getting a saw. The cutoff wheel in a four inch grinder is getting old.
Just remember to order a blade through the Boss!!!

I am still thinking about picking up the portaban too and use the bench top mount for wood/micarta etc. But the red devil works just fine for both as it is!

Best of luck.


Thanks again guys. I wasnt aware these could be ran vertically.....A guy can learn a lot hanging around here.:D
That sounds like a sweet deal then especially with all the great reviews you guys have been giving it. I was eyeballing the portable but this looks like its worth the extra money.
My $.02

I have a 1200 lb. Powermatic vertical bandsaw, a Milwaukee portable, and an Enco 4x6 (same as HF or Grizzly)all have their uses. If I had to settle on one I would have to pick the Enco, it cuts hori or vert and will cut most materials fairly accurately with the previously mentioned quality blade replacement. 2thumbs

You might be surprised at how many of these low cost 4x6ers are in professional fab shops here in CA.