Balibalistic Tac-U latchless.


This knife is absolute perfection. I am for lack of a better phrase the most picky SOB there is when it comes to knives. I pick apart any knife purchase and find the most trivial thing i can find wrong with a knife. Im so happy to report that this is the first knife that made that feat impossible. The hollow grinds are impeccable and super deep, the edge is polished and scary sharp. Fit and finish is like no other custom ive purchased. Im struggling to find the words to describe this knife as i fear they dont exist in my language or any other. The only problem is I now have a new standard which I will compare all future purchases off of and its going to be a tough shoe to fill. This thing flips like a dream. I truly like it better than IKBS. If anyone out there has been thinking about a balibalistic and not pulled the trigger wondering if the hype was just that, (hype) I strongly recommend you do so now. In a couple years probably even less you wont be able to even touch one of these knives without waiting in a line.