Bagwell tribute bowie

Discussion in 'Custom Knife Forum' started by Benr.t, Dec 27, 2016.

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    Hey everyone. I have been doing a lot of one offs lately, mostly based on historical blades or military knives. On this one I wanted to do one of the most recognizable Bowies out there. I have seen quite a few takes on Bill Bagwells Hells belle. On mine, I wanted to keep the classic styling but update with modern materials.
    For the blade I used CPM 3V with my high performance HT. The guard and spacer are 6al4v titanium and so is the peened pin. The blade is 11 1/8" long.
    The handle is high density F50 carbon fiber in an Asymmetrical coffin shape.

    This knife is extremely lively and well balanced right in front of the ricasso. It weighs only 15oz and has nice distal taper down to a needle point.

    The sheath is a lean hand stitched package. It has some really nice elephant trim and is setup for sash carry.

    It was certainly a fun and challenging project. I hope you guys like it.



  2. BrandantR

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    I like everything about this one. Expertly done!

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