Bader BIII and Vacon X Series stopped working


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Hi all, been a long time since I have been on here. Started to get some work done this morning and when I went to start my grinder up I turned it on and the everything went normal but when I went to turn up the variable speed the screen flashed a "U-Volt" prompt and then turned off. I turned everything off and un plugged it, re did everything and the exact same thing happened and now I cant get it to do anything. It doesnt respond like it has any power at all now so my guess is my control unit is toast. I have been on the phone with Bader and they were as helpful as they could be but they no longer sell Vacon controllers and this is far out of warrenty, I bought it in 2011.

So my question is does anyone know anything I can do to get this controller running again and if not what replacement controller would you recommend ? I did not use any of the programming functions on this controller, only the variable speed. Attached is a pic of my current, broke, unit.



C. Killgore

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I'm not an expert but I would check your input power and make sure it is still the correct voltage as well as wiring connections. Not sure what else could be done if it wont turn on at all.

As for selecting a new drive... I think just about everyone would recommend one of the nema 4x rated kbac (kb electronics) controllers. They are well built, dead simple and are properly protected from dust and splashes of water. Just have to make sure you get one big enough for the size of motor you have there.


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Thank you. I can’t check the voltage right now but I can still run my bandsaw and drill press on the same outlet. I’m checking everything I can and still nothing at all when I turn it on. This controller is definitely more than I needed and those Nema 4x controllers look nice. My motor is a 1 1/2 hp


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Lerch, is that motor A/C or D/C ? I ask because I have an older Bader III and it has a D/C motor, I've had a few issues over the years where the motor jogged and I had to take the brushes out and touch them to a disc sander to freshen them up.
If yours is D/C I would check the brushes, if there worn they may be sending a fault to your controller.
My controller is different from the one your showing.