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I am gona dub thee.. "Babyuto"

Very pleased with this blade profile/ size and specs. I plan to offer it as a option to future clients..

I am calling the knife Babyuto. A play on the word Gyuto. which is a traditional Japanese name for a chef style blade.

Specs. Blade is HHH Feather damascus High Carbon.

Handle is a combination of African Black wood and Fossil Mammoth tooth/molar


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The pattern of this steel is intricately beautiful. I opened the photos as large as I could to try and take in the intricacy of the pattern itself. It seems like a stream gushing from under the bolster and flowing over the steel. I really like it. Then the handle; the patterns of the molars, the contrasting colouring, the copper pins, the wooden bolster, the spacers, all give the impression of a well thoughtout design and compilation of materials that just adds to the elegance of this knife.
Really beautiful and well executed. Well done!