Ats-34, 154 cm, & cpm 154


These figures are just a reference. Refer to the actual manufacturer for exact chemistry.

I grouped these together because they are basically the same and all have the same heat treat. ATS-34 is made by Hitachi. 154 CM & CPM 154 are made by Crucible. The only difference between 154 CM & CPM 154 is that CPM 154 is made using Crucible's powder metallurgical process. This process makes the steel more homogenous and also allows finer/smaller grain size. They all make good knives. A sub-zero freeze or liquid Nitrogen cryo is highly reccomended and gives best results immediately after the quench but can be done after a temper. Any freeze treatment should be followed by a temper.

Heat treat-
1. Heat to 1400 and equalize.
2. Heat to 1950 and soak for 30 minutes.
3. Quench with air, oil, or quench plates.
4. Freeze/cryo.
5. Temper twice for 2 hours each time. Temper between 350 & 600 depending on the application.

Again, this is just a reference and times and temps. may need to be adjusted to give the best results for your equipment.
I thought those metals were close ... thanks for posting this . Great info about commonly used stainless..... Bubba