Assisted openers - different examples

BossDog & Owner
I'm on a mission to try some different type assisted and auto openers. Post pic's of your examples here.

This one has a sliding button on the side to change it from an auto to a manual opener. In manual mode, the blade is still fired by the spring when it moves past the cam lock position, you just use the thumb stud to open it. The blade is not locked in place in the closed position but is locked open by traditional liner lock engagement.

Here is the inside of that same button. There is a boss that sticks out that blocks the spring assist in manual mode.

Here you can see the spring in the blade closed and open position. The blade has a pressed pin and is what the spring acts on. This part acts as a liner and spring both.


The auto function is activated by moving the lever on top. The lever just pushes on the ricasso to push the blade past the cam lock position of the spring and then fires the blade.