As a further introduction a few of my kitchen knives

Stunningly beautiful. The matching serving fork is a wonderful addition. I need to make one of those as well. Do you heat treat it the same as the knife?
Thank you! i don’t, i use the lowest temperature heat treat for the steel, and dont cryo it, but still oil quench... and temper it a bit higher... so it will be a few points softer than the knife, they will meet at some point- and the knife is quite a bit thinner, it needs a fighting chance... i am considering austenitic stainless for the fork...
The serving fork is something that I have decided to do to go with my recently done carving knife and seeing yours Andre leaves me with a question. Do you have a curve to the fork as it looks flat in the pic.
It is curved, but I think i will make it even more curved next time i make them i bend them back from ricasso and then arc them back to below the level of the ricasso
A recent completion, i have missed a few in between owning a farm etc... a Scagel-ish Scimitar butcher with a robust grind for light cleaving...


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