Anyone know how to post pics from iPhone or iPad?

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I can't figure out how to post a picture from an iPhone or iPad. Has anyone figured this out?
If you find out? let me know too! I just purchased a Ipad . It takes great pictures of my knives and I just discovered that I can't figure out how to post them here?

if I have time I will go to local Apple store where I bought it? The problem is the time!

Just been trying to work that out myself. Couldn't seem to do it no matter what I tried
I'm on another forum using tapatalk and it's a piece of cake, upload straight from your iPad photo selection
For iPhone:

Download Photobucket from the App Store.

Set up a free account.

Open the app and hit "Upload Media".

Hit "choose existing" photo.

Your albums will be avialble to select photos - touch the photos you want uploaded and hit "upload".

Your selection will upload. Then you can go to your PC, open your new photobucket account and edit the size, etc. if you want.

Select the photo, hit the "i" in the bottom right hand corner and four (4) codes will come up.

Select the "Direct" code and it will automatically copy it.

Select the photo icon on your post and paste it - make sure to use "from URL" and uncheck the "Retrieve remote file and reference locally" box when you paste your photo code.

All done.

I post pics from my iPhone all of the time. Don't have an iPad (yet).
You have to load the photos into your photobucket account from your iPad/iPhone/digital camera.

The photos are stored on your photobucket account. You copy and paste the link to a given photo from your photobucket account to your post on a forum.

You can access your photos on your photobucket account via your PC/iPad/iPhone.

You can edit your photos for size, color, crop or whatever inside of your photobucket account if you wish....or load photos that you've edited elsewhere onto your photobucket account.

1) The photobucket account is the storage place for your pictures.
2) You can access your account via PC/iPhone/iPad.
3) While in your photobucket account, select the "direct link" to place a photo onto a post using the photo icon (from the left: world w/ chain link, envelope, washedout world w/ "x", photo icon to post pictures) on the tool bar on top of each post.

Wa la!
It works!
It needs to be easier but it's an easy enough work around..
Uploaded directly from iPad with the new iOS.
problem solved..
iOS is IPhone operating system and version 6.0 was just released. It is free. With iTunes loaded on you computer, plug you iPad in and it should ask if you want to upgrade. Say yes.

What is an iOS and where can I get one so I can put pictures on here from my iPad?