Anvil price


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Dennis I've heard 3-5 dollars a pound. I'm definitely not an expert though! That thing looks very good! GOOD LUCK!!

Sean Jones

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Is the round piece on top of the anvil attached? I don't think I've seen that on an anvil before.

I also find it slightly odd that an anvil that has England on one side would list its weight in kilos on the other. To the best of my knowledge England has never used the metric system?

Chris Railey

D-Mo I have done a lot of anvil research over the years and I currently advise people to buy a new anvil because of the outrageous prices of old anvils. When I first started, I paid $300 for my 140 pound Peter Wright. We bought used anvils because you could get them for a good price, now there is no way. Now the same anvil goes for $650+. The problem is if you go home and hit that anvil once and it breaks in half you are out $600. At least for $700 you could have a new anvil with a warranty. Check out Kanca anvils, closest thing to a Rigid around at a decent price.