another fancy pants kitchen knife

LR Harner

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doing a nice little dressed up veg knife in CTS XHP
the blade is 60mm tall and 3/32 thick at the spine the edge is 165mm but its 190mm to the front of the handle over all the knife is 350mm long
the handle treatment is copper hammered finished guard African black wood then copper spacer finished by ironwood burl and a copper pin


Fancy indeed, Lloyd. I love your choice of materials and am glad to see that you're still working with Carpenter Steel. There is an old crucible distributor a few miles from me that carries it and I've been dying to try it, now I have to... after seeing this. You must be killing the guys over at KKF with this beauty.
Youwza!!! You aint kidding on the "Fancey Pants"!

Great looking piece, really think the copper sets it off.

Does the copper take a nice patina, or just green?

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it woudl only turn green if chem was used to patina. in use it will get a nice multi brown but can always be lightly cleaned and buffed back out
Great looking knife.

Would you mind if I ask what a bar of CTS XHP costs? I can't find any price sheets on it. I assume you got it from the place in Dallas?
the sheet i got was right from car tec. SB metals is still tring to get the stock sizes they want instock so far thats about the bigest problem with the steel

i am all out of the sheets i got so i will soon be bugging people looking to speed up the rolling prosess (i think the steel is that good that even the price + hassle to hunt it down its worth it)