America's Fighting Ships Knives by Percy Richardson


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Our mission statement
Our mission is to help further the historical education of our military accomplishments and might thru both World Wars and into today's Navy.

Our goal is to use the cutlery collector platform to help raise funds for naval Museums and their ( LOCAL) Wounded Warrior Projects.

This is something I have been working on for 20 years and now it is coming to fruition. I make knives using steel from different historic Navy ships.
I get Randy Haas to forge the Damascus with the ships steel and he does a great job and makes beautiful Damascus for sure.
I have also teamed with Great Eastern Cutlery to make a line of knives using the ships Damascus with it being forged by Devon Thomas.
The Battleship Texas is the first ship of the Case series with more Battleship, Aircraft Carrier and Submarine series to follow.
For those that collect Great Eastern knives this will be a series to get for sure. Damascus made from the ships steel for blades and the handle will be
wood from the ships deck when it is available.

If you are in the Houston, Texas area on the 15th of March come on down to the Battleship Texas Historical Site and help celebrate the 100 years of the texas.
We will be starting our orders for the Texas Knives there. The Great Eastern Single Blade Trapper and the Straight Handmade Hunter.
God has blessed us in the endeavor over the years and we thank him for it. God also blessed America with the building of these great ships to help protect our military members.

Percy Richardson
America's Fighting ships Knives
936-288-1690 or our new store at 936-634-1690 in Lufkin Texas opening on March 18th, A full time knife shop
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