All I Want for Christmas .....

Shane Wink

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All I want for Christmas is a name change! Please Knifedog Santa change my name to Shane Wink! I have been very good and purchased many things from Tracy and Beth this year! I promise to continue to be good if you do change my name to Shane Wink! I even waited in line for an hour so my grandson could sit in your lap and tell you what I wanted for Christmas! Do you remember him? He was the one kicking and screaming as his mother tried to take a picture!

LOL Merry Christmas USA KnifeMaker Supply as well to the knifedog support team and could you change my name to Shane Wink? ;)
You have been exceptionally good.
and no charge either.
Thanks Santa I mean Tracy sir :) merry Christmas.

The story of that old name died with my brother which will be two years ago tomorrow Christmas Eve morning. I thank you for changing it for me and here is to 2013!