Adjusting the trigger force on OTF Full Auto?


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A friend gave my 90lb adult daughter a Viper Tec Black Ghost OTF full auto, but she doesn't have the hand strength to reliably trigger it.

I called Viper Tec and talked to a nice gent in support who said they can't adjust it, but he sent me 8 spring assemblies to play with and see if I can do it.

I'm thinking:
A. File some material off a few coils to lessen tension
B. Can I anneal a small segment of the spring?
C. Over stretch a segment so it's longer
D. ?

I'm wide open to suggestions and obviously I have no experience - but hey, I have 8 springs to play with to get it right. :)
You would have to stretch the spring to lesson the tension but this will also effect blade deployment.
A better option would be to find or make a longer "L" clips (the piece the springs attach to) or find a slightly longer spring.

I have a pretty worn 2 year old Ultratech spring (1-3/4"long) that I will trade for one of your fresh springs you want to give that a try. Button was easy but blade deployment wasn't crisp to my liking.