A question about wood


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I picked this knife up at an antique store about a week ago. I knew it was made in India but I can't find any information about what type of wood may have been used for the handle or sheath. Anyone want to hazard a guess? I'm thinking it might be mahogany, sandalwood, satisal, or teak but I'm not sure what they use to make these carving knives. Thank you for any help.


Hi Gary. No I'm sorry, I can't even guess at the wood name. there's no file work there, but wow what a lot of intricate carving !!!!!! It is special alright. I can't imagine how many hours that would take to do. Wow !!! Frank
They use a variety of the domestic woods in India for those carved knife sets. A kind of mahogany is very possible, Rosewood is my first guess.

Very nice piece. Looks much better than their tourist grade stuff that the make a lot of.
Just an update... I bought 4 more of these type of knives made in India. While not that expensive, I was 'hooked' on the carvings.
Very few sellers knew what type of wood was used but my best guess after searching all the descriptions I could find is Sheesham (Indian Rosewood) and Teak.