A fun diversion


My son is 14 and LOVES any kind of blade. He's been making wood and aluminum swords (mock blades) for a while. He lives in the shop pretty much. A couple weeks ago the pastor's kid started hanging around after school (He's 10...also a knife addict). First time he comes into the shop he stops short and slowly does a lookabout with eyes the size of platters....lol. I knew then he's gonna be here any free minute he has.(and he has been...lol)

So they've been making battarangs and other goofy stuff. All good training for fab skills...but yesterday I decided they need to make real things. So I told 'em, "You guys are going to make some real knives out of real steel that gets hardened and ground..." huge grins...So I made them each design 4 knives on paper. They did real well. Then I caught them over perusing my scale material.... told 'em to keep their paws off my Kirinite...lol. I have walnut coming out my ears.

When Scott L. turned everyone on to some great O-1 prices a couple years ago I bought a bunch. So they each have a piece of 3/32 x 2 x 8 O-1 to make their first real knife.

Then I got to thinking about it and called the pastor (who is an excellent finish carpenter and fabricator) and asked, "Say...would you like to build a knife with your son? I have all the materials...won't cost you a thing..." He jumped on the idea.

So now I will have three guys making blades. For some reason I find it exciting to have young folk in the shop making the real deal.....and seeing a dad and son working together.

This is my clandestine plan for training my future work-force....hee-hee-hee.....
Sand on, sand off... NO SIDE SIDE! LEAVA SCRATCH!

That's awesome. The cool part is that your son and his friend will always remember this.
I decided to make one too...I've been working on designs on the CAD software but thought it would be fun to do a quick freehand skinner. My son Joe and I are almost ready for ht. I did a quick pencil sketch on the one oddball piece of steel and started cutting. I'm liking how it is turning out...very much not my usual style of design but seems to "flow" okay. I'll post some pics when we (joe and I ) finish our blades...