A Frontier still life...


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In 50 years of building knives and hawks this is the first spike hawk I've ever done, but now that I've got the bug so to speak it won't be the last.


This one is in fact a three way collaboration:
1) The iron head with steel bit was forged by mi compadre, the late Gib Guignard
2) The spike was handforged out of iron by another compadre and neighbor Jerry Rodri
3) Assembly, all decorative work, and aging were done by me - deco on the tiger striped maple handle includes: rawhide wraps, brass and iron tacks, brass wire.
The other items:
1) 28ga Smoothbore by Tom Stroh
2) Re-Handled English style scalper - the blade, hand forged by Gib Guignard, is made of original shear steel. Grip and deco by me
3) Powder Horn - original from SW Virginia area, has two dates scratched into it 1791 and 1825. I re-furbished it by repairing the cracks at the butt with rawhide, added a longer antler tip and the beaded strap.
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Dan Pierson

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Very nice indeed. The hawk, the still life, all of the other pieces. Beautiful assembly.

Now for a question: If the spike was forged separately how is it attached to the rest of the head?