a few redo's



Here's my first two rehandles on pocket knives.
Both are old timeys but still have great snap and half stops. The camillus had white celluloid handles and advertised the Orr Felt Co.,,tore those off and replaced them with redheart,,

Next one is an old Kabar folder that had black plastic handles,,now it spalted white birch. Turned out ok but this was before i discovered stabalizing so i might have to tear these off and re-do the redo. LOL

This one a buddy picked up on ebay,,a Remington fixed blade blank that he sent it to me for handles. Hard maple crotch stabalized (sort of) in a vacuum jar with danish oil and some fancy pins i made with thick black liners i got from US Knife Makers.2thumbs



You some beach!!!! That's some cool re-does!!! Just for that you buy the first round when we meet....let's do r soon!!2thumbs


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Nice work Hoggie!

BTW, the Orr Felt Co. was based in Piqua, Ohio. I grew up 12 miles from there, and my dad grew up down the street from the company. They made, among other things, wool blankets, many of which were GI blankets during WWII.