A Couple of Matching Autos


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Spectacular knives. How long have you been making knives Peter? How long would you have spent on making those knives?

Kevin Zito

Lol must be me... I’ve been looking around the site more, and finding awesome stuff. I’ll do a better job of looking at the dates. They still are awesome knIves though.

John Wilson

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Don't get me wrong- I'm not one of those folks who gets in a tizzy when old threads pop up. In fact, I prefer adding to old threads because anyone searching a topic will find a one-stop-shop full of ideas, pictures, and responses. When I'm trying to research something I refer to one of those threads as a mother lode treasure trove. Trying to sift through 90 threads with three half interested responses makes me want to shove a sharp pencil in my eye.